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Quinn insurance redundancies announcement.

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"Parking" the useless, inconsiderate fucker way.

A useless, inconsiderate fucker “parked” in Angrytown this evening. I hate people who “park” like this inconsiderate fucker at the Kennedy Centre shopping complex in Angrytown this evening. How, in good fucking God, did these people pollute the gene pool … Continue reading

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Vodafone, losing the plot?

Angry is a very long time customer of Vodafone – as is Mrs Angry and the three Angryites. Our contracts are currently up for renewal so we thought it might be appropriate to engage Vodafone with a view to negotiating … Continue reading

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What the fuck is she on?

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Benefit fraud – three strikes and you’re out!!

What in thundering blue fuck are the Government thinking? Yesterday on the news Cameron announced that the Tories, if elected, would introduce legislation that anyone caught engaging in benefit fraud three times, yes you read that right, three times, will … Continue reading

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TalkTalk talks the talk by talking bollocks….

Leading UK ISP TalkTalk has expressed outrage at the Digital Economy Bill having been passed through parliament last night. They are obviously fucked off that their “dont disconnect us campaign” which raised over 30,000 signatures failed to connect (oh the … Continue reading

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That worthless strip of land.

Fuck me, it’s not like things weren’t shitty enough for him – what with his wife Iris having lost her job as an MP , MLA and Councillor after having been caught fucking a teenager who she’d set up in … Continue reading

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Belfast SXSW junta – what’s wrong with this picture?

Hooray! A dozen or so musicians have just returned to our fair shores having been away to Austin Texas to attend the annual SXSW (South by South West) music industry jamboree. What you will not deduce from the very “rock … Continue reading

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