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West Belfast electorate tell bearded ex IRA Army Council member MP to “Fuck off” over under performance.

The Andersonstown News, a West Belfast republican mouthpiece rag, have today audaciously exposed the under performance of the long standing IRA MP for West Belfast the rt Hon Gerry Adams (brother of alleged kiddy fiddler Liam Adams). In a damning … Continue reading

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Jon what’s his name?

Jon Cruddas a few minutes into last nights “This Week” when asked for his “Moment of the week” elected to go with the recent highly emotive events in the US and – crassly attempting to tap into the public consciousness … Continue reading

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Michael Gove, not exactly Einstein.

Not exactly the stuff to instil confidence in his abilities. Michael Gove appearing on Question Time last night showed just how inept he is as Secretary of State for Edumacation when he incorrectly calculated David Dimbleby’s age. See here about … Continue reading

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Littering, not nearly dirty enough.

Well, it had to happen. Someone was bound to do a mock up of the Belfast City Council anti litter ads, it just happened to be the Angrytown News.

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Belfast Liverpool fans – they don’t hang about!

Liverpool fans have good reason to be disgruntled with the performance of their team since the arrival of Roy Hodgson.   I suppose this could be a novel way of expressing their frustration whilst trying to source a replacement for … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr MacKenzie. No, not the obscure 80’s agit pop band!

It is understood that embattled NI Water chief Laurence MacKenzie offered his resignation earlier this evening and recommended that Sinn Féin’s regional development minister, Conor Murphy, accept it. MacKenzie is expected to walk away with around £150,000 (yes, you read … Continue reading

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More bollocks from the promise breaker in chief, Clegg.

What is it with the UK electorate that they are so fucking gullible? Are they suffering from a collective national amnesia perhaps? Last night saw Nick Clegg announce some sort of “victory” in a fictitious struggle with the Tories in … Continue reading

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"Weird" = murderer?

You can’t help but notice that the image of Christopher Jeffries currently adorning most of the print media is, obviously intentionally, less than flattering. Since his arrest he has been labelled variously as “creepy”, “weird”, “strange” and various other less … Continue reading

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