Benefit fraud – three strikes and you’re out!!

What in thundering blue fuck are the Government thinking?

Yesterday on the news Cameron announced that the Tories, if elected, would introduce legislation that anyone caught engaging in benefit fraud three times, yes you read that right, three times, will have their benefit stopped for up to three years.

What is so wrong with society that we can’t simply stop someones benefit the first time they are caught?

Better still, when they are caught their benefits (all of them) should be stopped immediately for a period of not less that twelve months and, in the event that they have been claiming benefit for for more than twelve months their benefits should be stopped for a period to reflect the length of time they might have been claiming illegally.

Tough? Yes, but it will certainly put a stop to this nanny state attitude of second and third generations of families living off state benefits having their rent, rates etc paid whilst doing the double with seeming impunity and sniggering at those with the moral fibre to work legitimately to earn a living.

If the Government are serious about stopping benefit fraud and reducing unemployment claims then they best get used to the fact that the threat of getting fined two pounds a week from your benefit in the event that you are caught is no fucking deterrent whatsoever.

Wake the fuck up!

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