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The battle of the Boyne 1690.

Everyone knows that each year on the twelfth of July Northern Ireland is portrayed across the world as a backward, inward looking cess pit of sectarian hatred. The world peers in on our tribal differences and shakes its head in … Continue reading

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Simpsons “Case” pure badger shaving brush. Avoid.

 It’s a sad state of affairs when an industry stalwart like Simpson lets their quality control slip to the point that their products, quite literally, fall apart in your hands. Sadly that has been the case (no pun intended) with … Continue reading

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It’s been a complete fucking disHaasster.


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Satire. For the people and by the people.

It’s no coincidence that every time a satirical outlet that gains popularity shines an uncomfortable light on the bigotry, incompetence and general fuckwittery of what passes for politics™ in Northern Ireland that outlet ends up marginalized, maligned and suppressed. The … Continue reading

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Terrourism™. Nobody does it better.

And so another “Glorious twelfth” passes by and the world is treated to the welcoming sight of people’s naked sectarianism manifesting itself as “culture”. It fills my heart with pride  to see my fellow citizens, in various states of drunken … Continue reading

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Epic Fraill!! Juror jailed for befriending defendant on facebook.

Pictured above is a somewhat forlorn Joanne Fraill who is the first person ever to be jailed for befriending the defendant in a trial via facebook whist serving as a juror in the case. Go! Joanne. Full story here courtesy … Continue reading

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UDR statue for Lisburn village? No shit Sherlock, no, really.

Crowds thronged the centre of the county Antrim village this weekend to watch the unveiling of a UDR statue to commemorate and acknowledge the stirling cross community work that the various batallions had undertaken from their inception in 1970 to … Continue reading

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