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Vodafone Ireland, get your shit together.

What is it about Vodafone Ireland that they appear hell bent on driving away customers (existing and potential)¬† who are visiting the Republic of Ireland¬† using their Vodafone Pay as You Go service? As one such (soon to be ex) … Continue reading

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Vodafone ineptitude knows no bounds.

In an attempt to resolve my ongoing issues with Vodafone I reached out to one of their senior customer service representatives who helped with contract renegotiation issues back in 2007. It was a long shot, admittedly, but I was fortunate … Continue reading

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Vodafone, losing the plot?

Angry is a very long time customer of Vodafone – as is Mrs Angry and the three Angryites. Our contracts are currently up for renewal so we thought it might be appropriate to engage Vodafone with a view to negotiating … Continue reading

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