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HMRC, ebay and tax avoidance / evasion.

Ebay is surely the ultimate haven for tax avoidance in the UK. Not only does it itself  play rough and ready when it comes to taxes and tax avoidance but it also enables many, many thousands of individuals to run … Continue reading

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An open letter to Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

Dear Queen, Can you please have a wee word with those of your loyal subjects here in Northern Ireland who think that they are, in your name & with the blessing of your house and flag, engaging in the wanton … Continue reading

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Vodafone Ireland, get your shit together.

What is it about Vodafone Ireland that they appear hell bent on driving away customers (existing and potential)  who are visiting the Republic of Ireland  using their Vodafone Pay as You Go service? As one such (soon to be ex) … Continue reading

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