Greys / Hardy Greys “Unconditional lifetime guarantee” and customer services – update.

Well, further to my earlier post here after eight (8) days I’ve received a reply from Greys Customer Services. They tell me that the Missionary 10′ 3″ #7/8 is no longer in production so they cannot replace the broken tip section. They are suggesting a replacement rod at a 50% discounted price.

Some readers might find that type of deal acceptable but I have to say I have an issue with the offer.

My rod at the time of purchase was covered by a heavily advertized “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee”, a fact that influenced my original purchase and subsequent purchases of Greys Missionary Rods. That “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee” stated “Greys provide on all their rods an unconditional warranty good for the lifetime of the original owner. This is given in addition to your statutory rights, and covers fault or damage from any cause” Yes, that’s right, “Good for the lifetime of the original owner”, not for the lifetime of the rod itself.

Trading Standards give a fairly comprehensive synopsis of what a Guarantee is. It certainly doesn’t mention, nor does the original unconditional lifetime guarantee from Greys to which I subscribed, customers having to pay for a replacement item where they, as a result of their own actions, are unable to meet the terms of their own guarantee.

If Greys make a commercial decision to discontinue production of certain rods (and not carry parts) that is entirely their right. They do not however, as a result of any such decision, have the right to charge me for their failure to honour their responsibilities to me as defined under their unconditional lifetime guarantee terms which we entered into at the time of my purchase.

There is much speculation in angling circles about the quality of Greys rods having reduced somewhat since production was moved abroad and perhaps that is why they have tightened up on the terms of their current unconditional lifetime guarantee.

I have gone back to Greys seeking clarification on several points, including those above, and will post an update in the event that they reply.

In the meantime, tight lines.

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