Simpsons “Case” pure badger shaving brush. Avoid.

 It’s a sad state of affairs when an industry stalwart like Simpson lets their quality control slip to the point that their products, quite literally, fall apart in your hands. Sadly that has been the case (no pun intended) with my most recently bought “Case” pure badger shaving brush.

As you can see from this photo (taken after my shave this morning) it is shedding bristles like a badger with alopecia. Interestingly a lot of the bristles appear to have snapped broken.

I’ve been a user of Simpson brushes for the past twenty plus years (the Eagle &  Case being two of my favourite regular use brushes) and I’ve never encountered bristle shedding like this in all those years. All of my past experience has been extremely positive but I have to admit I’m very disappointed by the lack of interest shown by Simpson when I communicated with them on this very same issue previously. Essentially the Managing Director Mark Watterson stated that many of their brushes splay in different ways and that I should simply put up with the fact.

Having been accustomed to excellent goods from Simpson in the past I can only assume that something has gone seriously awry with their quality control since the involvement of Vulfix who appear to have taken over Simpson.

In short, if you are thinking of buying a Simpson pure badger shaving brush my advice is to think again. There are many alternatives on the market for much less than the £25.00 the “Case” brush will cost you. For example you could pick up four synthetic brushes from Wilkinson which will last you four lifetimes without shedding or splaying.

It’s a real shame to see a company like Simpson adopt this type of couldn’t care less approach but in the long run it will be they who lose out as another iconic brand fades into obscurity.

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