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Vodafone ineptitude knows no bounds.

In an attempt to resolve my ongoing issues with Vodafone I reached out to one of their senior customer service representatives who helped with contract renegotiation issues back in 2007. It was a long shot, admittedly, but I was fortunate … Continue reading

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SDLP MLA John Dallat diagnosed with amnesia?

According to the BBC , who now appear to be sucking up to our MLAs, SDLP MLA John Dallat (who himself could be accused of being work shy given the fact that he lists no contact details whatsoever in his … Continue reading

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Hey, paedos…Look!! Young kids available on the second floor.

Not very PC at all thank you…kids 3-10 years available on second floor I happened across this remarkably un PC window display courtesy of the “new” / “neu” (whatever the fuck way it’s supposed to be spelt) store in Fountain … Continue reading

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Vodafone – questionable customer retention techniques.

Some of you will have read my earlier post regarding Vodafone having lost the plot on how to retain long term customers. By way of a quick recap their proposal to retain my custom (two contract phones & three pay … Continue reading

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They’re all at it!!

A wanker “parked” at Tescos in Newcastle, today. I had reason to call at Tescos in Newcastle today and it appears the “I don’t give a fuck about parking regulations” phenomenon is spreading. Witness the wanton wankery of this fucker … Continue reading

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