SDLP MLA John Dallat diagnosed with amnesia?

According to the BBC , who now appear to be sucking up to our MLAs, SDLP MLA John Dallat (who himself could be accused of being work shy given the fact that he lists no contact details whatsoever in his Assembly biography) recently tabled a question to the Justice Minister David Ford on the issue of £750,000.00 having been paid (over five years) to members of staff of the Northern Ireland Court Service who have been suspended (for whatever reason) from work.

He is quoted as saying that “the cost on the taxpayer is deeply worrying and cannot be justified”.

Let’s do some rudimentary maths on this one. Over five years this equates to £150,000.00 per year (roughly the cost of three MLA salaries) but we have no idea of how many staff in the Court Service are being talked about in the equation – though I think it’s safe to assume that it’s more than three.

Lets extrapolate that.

£45.000.00 (representing one MLA annual salary) multiplied by 108 (the number of MLAs) multiplied by 55.5 (the number of months the Assembly was suspended between October 2002 and May 2007) and we get a not unreasonable £22,453,200.00

Here is the news John.

Many of us have not forgotten that you and your 107 MLA mates were all too happy to sit on your fucking arses receiving a salary between 14 October 2002 and 7 May 2007 , to cite but one occasion, whilst the Assembly was suspended – where was your deep worry then about the costs to the taxpayer?

Oh, that’s right, you’d rather attack the working man / woman than reflect for one second on the billions you and your ilk in the Department of I’m Alright Jack Assembly have wasted in salaries and failed consultations / projects and public deficit in the name of pretend politics.

The day that working men and women take such criticism from someone who belongs to a profession which in the last twelve months alone has been exposed as being rife with expense fraudsters who wantonly pillage the the public purse (that’s taxpayers John) is some way off.


Get your own house in order and remember your own past failings and behaviours before you next try some mud slinging.

You are there to serve the public, not take the piss out of them.

You and your 107 mates would do well to remember that fact.

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