Ulster Bank – Home insurance rip off.


Received a reply dated 17th this morning on Natwest letterhead (pic above) from customer services consultant Bekki Sharpe and, guess what, not only does she appear unable to understand plain english (see the text of my letter in bold below) but she can’t even be arsed to compete with the Legal & General quote and still wants me to advise her as to whether I want to proceed with their (Ulster Bank) cover.


My, my, my look what I just came across: State owned banks insurance ripoff

It’s that time of year again that Angrytown Towers need insured (buildings & contents).

The terribly helpful people at Ulster Bank home insurance took it upon themselves to save me the bother of worrying my pretty little head about all the bothersome detail of renewing my policy by doing it for me, automatically. They even deducted the first month premium and then wrote to me to tell me they had done so.

Since I, along with every other tax payer in the UK and Northern Ireland, effectively own the Ulster Bank by way of our having bailed out its parent company RBS I thought I’d investigate a little further.

A cursory perusal of a certain well known insurance comparison site produced some rather shocking results which prompted me to write to Mr Neil Carmody the terribly helpful “Personal Insurance Manager” at Ulster Bank home insurance as follows:

“Mr Carmody,

Reference: Home Insurance Renewal Policy proposal XXXXXXXX – copy attached.

Further to your correspondence of June 1st, copy attached, in relation to the above matter. Having conducted the bare minimum of research in relation to the offerings of your competitors I was able to source a better value, with better overall cover, home Insurance package from Legal & General, copy attached.

As a long standing customer who holds several accounts with Ulster Bank I am extremely disappointed to note the obviously uncompetitive nature of the quote provided by yourselves.

By way of example Legal and Generals’ quote which is some £164.00 cheaper than yours offers exactly what your quote offers but also affords us up to £400,000.00 of cover in the event of a rebuild whereas your quote offers only £99,000.00.

On that basis, notwithstanding your preparedness or ability to match, or better, the terms and rate of the offer from Legal & General, then I would ask that you consider this my formal rejection of your proposed cover and associated CCA agreement.

I trust that you shall advise me by return at your earliest convenience in order that appropriate continuous cover might be arranged.


The letter, sent by recorded delivery on June 7th, was signed for on June 9th.

Today, June 19th, I still await a reply from Mr Carmody.

I suspect I’m not going to receive one though as I’m sure he can’t be too happy at having this rip off policy (pun intended) of the Ulster Bank brought to his attention – and now published in the public domain.


Beware RBS and Ulster Bank rip off policies especially if, like me, you have your mortgage with them and they offer only 25% of the rebuild cost protection of their competitors (I wonder why?) yet charge £164.00 a year more.

It’s clear rhat the banks, specifically RBS, haven’t a shred of humility about them.

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2 Responses to Ulster Bank – Home insurance rip off.

  1. John Powell says:

    Does any service provider, actually provide a service anymore ?

    The name Neil Carmody has appeared at the foot of NWIS letters for well over a decade. I suspect that it is simply a pseudonym. After all, who in their right mind would admit to being a senior manager at NatWest ?

    I landed on this site following my own complaint to NatWest, over their deplorable service in relation to my Home Insurance cover. My recorded delivery letter, forwarded in November, has apparently not been received, or so I am advised by 2 different NatWest call centre staff, who have the grand and utterly meaningless title of ‘customer service executive’.

    The fact is, my letter obviously has been received, which is the very reason I forwarded it by recorded delivery. When I gave these ‘customer service executives’ Neil Carmody’s name, both advised me that they had not heard this name before. Unbelievable, totally unbelievable !! This is the man whose signature is at the foot of their letters, and is supposedly their boss !!

    I may as well have talked to my dog, for all the help that they provided. Right now I genuinely feel that death must be sweeter than all this aggravation. Trying to resolve an issue with NatWest creates such utter, utter frustration, and for this level of service, CEO Stephen Hester, is paid £7,000,000 pa.

    Naturally, I will be moving elsewhere, although I first need to ensure seamless continuity of cover. Doubtless, NatWest will come quickly to life when my closure request is received, and they will want to charge me an enormous exit fee.

    NatWest, you are diabolical, and you torpid ineptitude is shortening my life. .

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