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The world owes you an incredible debt of gratitude.

Elizabeth Wilmshurst, deputy legal adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2001-2003. This is the woman who had the balls not only to resign from her job but also the moral wherewithall to advise the Chilcot enquiry that Jack Sraw’s … Continue reading

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Fear™ on tap.

It’s that time again – predictable Labour fear™ mongering just ahead of elections. Nobody should be unduly surprised at the recent reassessment of the terror threat – after all, there are conferences on Afghanistan & Yemen taking place in London … Continue reading

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Civil Service recruitment service (HR Connect) engage in irony.

Yes, it’s true. HR Connect, that bastion of excellent service level delivery have outdone themselves with this somewhat ironic recruitment advertisement… Click on the image for better definition. Pure genius!!

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If Carlsberg did….

Says it all really….

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The toilets are not the only things that leak in Danesfort.

You simply could not make it up – honestly. Arlene Foster today announced the establishment of a “face to face” debt counselling service part funded (to the tune of £300,000.00) by Ulster Bank, the NI regional branch of the RBS … Continue reading

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