Vodafone Ireland, get your shit together.

What is it about Vodafone Ireland that they appear hell bent on driving away customers (existing and potential)  who are visiting the Republic of Ireland  using their Vodafone Pay as You Go service?

Rip off Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone Ireland. Unlikely to be a fan of this particular post.

As one such (soon to be ex) customer I find it incredibly frustrating that I can no longer top up my phone or mobile broadband using a V0dafone voucher bought in the North of Ireland (or anywhere else for that matter). The cessation of this facility wasn’t communicated to their customer base yet it is still offered as an option in the voice menus when you phone customer services. Why is that? If you select the option you are immediately redirected to a voice inviting you to pay by credit card. That’s fine except past experience tells me that Vodafone Ireland doesn’t always accept payment by credit cards issued by Northern Irish banks!

Perhaps I should open an AIB or Bank of Ireland bank account solely to enable me to avail of their bank ATM top up service? Open a bank account to pay banking charges and fees just to top up my phone? I don’t think so.

Then there is the issue of having to jump through various hoops to have your SIM reactivated after they have deactivated it (and stolen any remaining credit) because you either haven’t used it or have neglected to top it up for a certain period of time.

The bottom line appears to be that if you want to use Vodafone Pay as You Go then you are expected to use the phone regularly just to keep it active (and their coffers full) and in order to be absolutely sure that you can top up to avoid having your SIM deactivated you ought to drive whatever distance it might take to a retailer in the Republic to buy a top up voucher.

Well played Vodafone Ireland.

Take note readers, there are other airtime and mobile broadband providers out there who don’t treat their customers like cash cows in such a blatant manner. I suggest you engage with them.

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