That worthless strip of land.

Fuck me, it’s not like things weren’t shitty enough for him – what with his wife Iris having lost her job as an MP , MLA and Councillor after having been caught fucking a teenager who she’d set up in business with a couple of loans from friends™.

Now a new “scandal” has surfaced and much noise and bluster is being made about DUP leader and Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinsons’ business dealings with the late* property developer Fred Frazer. The most recent BBC revelation involves his having bought a “worthless” strip of land from his close friend™ for £5.00 which he then sold back to another property developer (for £5.00) having made a measly £460,000.00 after the sale of some of his own land which was made possible, in no small part, by his ownership of the “worthless” strip of land. Robinson was of course furious at the “smear” and in a tv interview showed his natural inclination for bullying and intimidating those who threaten to expose him.

We at the Angrytown News believe** that this was an entirely legitimate business deal with no implications for the DUP leader, First Minister whatsoever. Indeed we base this on the fact that one of our intrepid reporters has unearthed the original advertisement for the sale of the land as posted by the ghost of the late Fred Frazer on the popular internet site “gumtree” (see the image above which you can click on to see in its full glory).

In his defence Mr Robinson contends that the BBC are out to get him by mounting a campaign of smears and that anyone affording any creedence to those smears is a liar. The whole debacle is starting to resemble the sort of politics of certain South American countries where smear and innuendo are used to besmirch individuals and, when that fails to stop them, murder can be solicited and sanctioned for political purposes.

Thankfully we live in a peaceful democracy. Hold that thought.

* by “late” we don’t mean that properties developed by Mr Frazer take an inordinate time from conception to completion, we mean he’s dead.
** sorry, please preface with “don’t”.

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