Greys / Hardy Greys fishing tackle. Their “unconditional lifetime guarantee” & “customer service”.


That’s the first piece of advice I’d give anyone contemplating buying anything of these two companies. Their supposed “Unconditional lifetime guarantee” is useless (little more than a con) and their “customer service” is atrocious.

Over the past few years I’ve spent in excess of £1000 on rods, reels, lines and other sundry items from Greys – in part due to the supposed reassurance offered by their unconditional lifetime guarantee – only to find this past week that they couldn’t care less about me as a customer or their reputation as a manufacturer.

My fly rod broke during set up a week ago today and I emailed then via their site under the terms of the lifetime guarantee afforded to their rods. To date, despite emails to and other approaches via their poorly (if at all) maintained social media “presence”, I have heard nothing whatsoever apart from the automated acknowledgement to my initial email via their site.

Their site is another joke. For the past seven days the “contact us” page reads as follows (even on weekends when they are closed). 2014-8-11 12 30 43Clearly this is a company who once they’ve got your cash couldn’t care less about you.

I for one will never buy another Greys product and I will do my level best to ensure that other anglers I meet on the river bank, lakeside, fisheries, beaches and piers (and socially) don’t fall for their sales bluster and are made fully aware of their blatant disregard for anglers who face issues with items covered by their supposed “lifetime unconditional guarantee”.

I’ll be advising each and every one of them to research the market rather than going with a company who appear professional on the surface but engage in bait and switch once they have you hooked.

Goodbye Greys.

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