Arts Council NI funding and fuelling bigotry in the name of “Kulture”?

Why has nobody, particularly within the Arts, raised the issue of tax payers money having been allocated to some of these sectarian bands who are holding the greater public to ransom?

One only has to look at the Arts Council NI accounts and reports to see that very considerable amounts of tax payers money has been squandered to equip these bigots with the tools to harass, intimidate and insult the public at large and hold large swathes of society and business to ransom citing an erosion of their culture.

I understand completely the reticence of those in the pay of or heavily dependant upon Arts Council funding to speak out but, Christ on a bike, it’s obvious that something needs to be done to stop this. Those who laud and worship at the fiscal altar of the Arts Council simper into their lattes cursing all and sundry for the negative impression being created by these bigots and those who fund and encourage them yet no one, as far as I can see, is prepared to call for the cutting off  of their lifeblood – funding.

We can no longer willy nilly continue to fund bigots dressed as bandsmen (from either “side”), it is entirely unacceptable. Aside from the fear that such behaviours invoke lets take a second to look at the damage these neanderthal bigots are causing to local businesses, tourism and the international reputation of Northern Ireland.

Art it is not. Stop pretending this is “culture” and call it for what it is, naked sectarian aggression. It has to stop for all of our sakes and those who proactively finance it from public coffers need to stop doing so.


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