HMRC, ebay and tax avoidance / evasion.

Ebay is surely the ultimate haven for tax avoidance in the UK.

Not only does it itself  play rough and ready when it comes to taxes and tax avoidance but it also enables many, many thousands of individuals to run extremely profitable businesses selling goods without declaring earnings and without paying appropriate tax to the Exchequer.

Take for example this seller “sa011081”. How many individuals not operating as a business happen to have 100+ new broadband modems of varying makes and descriptions lying around their house that they might want  to get rid of? That’s right, none.

Is it not time that the Government called ebay to account and addressed this laughable situation? After all, this manifest greed which ebay encourages its sellers to practice lines their coffers.

Tax evasion (as opposed to avoidance) is a crime. People who commit such crimes do so at a cost to society as a whole. Ebay is openly and wilfully profiteering from crime as it conducts no discernible checks on its sellers who whilst running businesses claim to be individuals selling on their platform. In short I believe they (ebay) are profiting from the proceeds of crime (tax evasion) and as such they ought to be dealt with as such.

This loss to the exchequer causes cuts in other areas including vital services. These people, operating with the tacit support of ebay who provide the platform, ought to be brought to book.

You can do the work of HMRC for them and report them here.

You can also do your bit by not buying from sellers, like the individual above, who represent themselves as individuals as opposed to a business.

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