An open letter to Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

Dear Queen,

Can you please have a wee word with those of your loyal subjects here in Northern Ireland who think that they are, in your name & with the blessing of your house and flag, engaging in the wanton destruction of  Belfast (both structurally and reputationally) by rioting, physically and verbally attacking your forces of law and order and threatening elected representatives to your parliament with assault and indeed death?

I’m not asking for a full on Christmas Day speech, just a wee pre recorded thirty second “Not in my name” type snippet that might be broadcast on all of the news networks until the message gets through that their burning of buildings, attacking police officers, destroying businesses and creating a palpable atmosphere of fear in an attempt to assert their British culture is neither acceptable, condoned nor endorsed by your good self.

Celebrating Britishness...the aftermath.

Affirming Britishness…the aftermath.

Our elected representatives are too busy trying to score political points to do anything constructive on these matters. Indeed there are those in our Assembly who secretly, and some not so secretly, relish the thought of ongoing sectarian strife for that is what keeps them in jobs / power.

The greater majority of the population of Northern Ireland, from whatever nationality or religion, are sick sore and tired of this minority of neanderthals on both sides of the political and religious divide dragging us back to the dark days of the Troubles™ and having our collective reputation sullied in the eyes of the world by the actions / inaction and firebrand rhetoric of those who cling to the past with such fervor.

Please, do us all a favour and set the record straight. Are you content for those who assert that they are carrying out such actions in the name of the British crown to be doing so?

If not would you please be so good as to tell them so?


Angrytown News

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