UDR statue for Lisburn village? No shit Sherlock, no, really.

A not entirely impartial statue...yesterday.

Crowds thronged the centre of the county Antrim village this weekend to watch the unveiling of a UDR statue to commemorate and acknowledge the stirling cross community work that the various batallions had undertaken from their inception in 1970 to their untimely demise / winding up in 1992.

There were emotional scenes as members of the Regiment Association band paraded past the 19 foot tall monument which was the brainchild of local bigots and Whiteabbey sculptor John Sherlock.

There were several local dignitaries, MLAs, MPs and ex UDR members in attendance at the unveiling and, to a man, they all had an excellent afternoon engaging in whataboutery and faux colonial triumphalism.

Interviewed after the main event  one villager said it had been a “Spectacular day out for all of the protestant people of Lisburn” and that the only downside was that he had just been informed that the party scheduled to take part in Wallace Park afterwards had been cancelled  because the Miami Showband were unable  play at the event as they had been ambushed and three of their members murdered by members of a UDR checkpoint in July 1975.

When asked if  a statute to commemorate the murdered band members was also in the pipeline for the Market Square site our reporter was told “Fuck off you fenian scum, this is Lisburn village – we don’t want a taig about the place”.

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