Lisburn village elders. Their fuckwittery, like their “city” limits, knows no bounds!

If it works then, for fuck sake, don't fix it!

There’s not much you can say about this particular piece of council fuckwittery.

This roundabout at the junction of the Stewartstown Road, Bellsteel Road and and Dunmurry Lane has stood, largely untouched save for her “Mary patron saint of roundabouts” statue, an obelisk of some sort and a “Michael Ferguson Roundabout” sign, for many years.

In recent years (aside from the aforementioned eyesores) a concerted effort had been made to keep it clean and easy on the eye with regular flower arrangement designs by local school children and the like giving it a genuine “community” feel.

The spastics at Lisburn Council have decided that it would serve a much better purpose as a graffiti magnet and loitering / drinking point for the local disadvantaged™ youth.

Bless ’em.

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