Goodbye Mr MacKenzie. No, not the obscure 80’s agit pop band!

It is understood that embattled NI Water chief Laurence MacKenzie offered his resignation earlier this evening and recommended that Sinn Féin’s regional development minister, Conor Murphy, accept it.

MacKenzie is expected to walk away with around £150,000 (yes, you read that right, one hundred and fifty thousand fucking pounds).

Laurence MacKenzie soiling his underpants at the mere thought of the easiest money he's ever made - without having to steal it.

Murphy is hardly likely not to accept his resignation given that it affords him a get out of jail (no pun intended) card whereby he can say that someone (other than him) has fallen on their sword over the debacle.

Hooray for public accountability, horray for jobs that pay you a half a million pounds for fucking up royally.

Anyone interested in the other Mr Mackenzie (the one who was good at their job) should go here.

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