Domino’s Pizza – hang ’em all!!

Some “entitely legitimate” wobble board advertizing – but not for Domino’s Pizza.

Grainne McWilliams over at the Andersonstown News has this week invented a non-story (with assistance from the Roads Service) and has rounded on Domino’s Pizza for encouraging the life threatening activity of “wobble Board” advertizing on the Andersonstown Road and at Kennedy Way roundabout.

For those who don’t know “wobble boarding” is where employees take advertizing boards and stand at busy road junctions to advertize their wares or special offers. It’s a bit like the “white line pickets” (where people by way of protest stand with placards / posters on the white lines in the middle of busy roads) that the Andersonstown News fawn over and support at every opportunity (see above) – only there is no loss of advertizing revenue involved.

It’s bizarre that the Andersonstown News – who for years encouraged defiance on the part of its readership by encouraging them to participate in white line pickets should now, suddenly, become overly concerned for the welfare of individuals who deign to stand at a roadside whilst advertizing and also for passing motorists.

In the interests of fairness and balance I tried to establish if the Andersonstown News had ever previously expressed similar misgivings in the past in relation to wobble boarding or distractions caused to motorists or pedestrians as a result of placard waving on busy roads. Take for example the photo above detailing a white line picket at the junction of the Andersonstown and Glen Roads. Given the fact that the former police station which occupied the site was demolished in 2005 then obviously this protest would also be in contravention of the very same Article 87 of the Roads Order 1993 referred to in their article. Given that several of the protesters are clearly identifiable one would have to ask if the Andersonstown News are calling for them to be prosecuted in the name of public order / safety.

Are they fuck.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the Andersonstown News is perhaps highlighting the “dangers” of wobble board advertizing to force the hand of the Roads Service and also draw to the attention of Domino’s Pizza the fact that their newspaper(s) offer “highly competitive” advertizing rates to local businesses which, whilst affording them exposure (and making the Andersonbstown News money), present no risk of physical harm to their employees or passing motorists and pedestrians.

Bless ’em.

Can I have some garlic bread pieces with that please?

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