Sinn Fein, the Housing Executive and sectarian intimidation in Dunmurry.

For anyone who thought that the days of sectarian bigotry were at an end here is the news:

The Angrytown News has been contacted by an individual representing a third party who has complained of sectarian bigotry to the PSNI, Sinn Fein and the Housing Executive and has been told, in various guises, to simply “get on with it”.

The individual in question is a young single mother with a toddler son who suffers from epilepsy living in a privately owned semi detached property just off Upper Dunmurry Lane. Since just before Christmas 2009 (the same time that her elderly adjoining neighbour discovered that she and her son were catholics) she has been the victim of a relentless onslaught of abuse in the shape of walls being banged throughout the day and night and in the most recent incident of last week a brick was hurled through her kitchen window.

At one stage she phoned the Housing Executive (her next door neighbour – the offending party – is a tenant who has lived at that address all of her life) whist her neighbour was banging the wall in order that they might hear for themselves what she was being subjected to.

The Housing Executive sent out one of their staff, a Mr Jeffrey Harrison, who spoke with the neighbour in question to get her “side” of the story. He then called in with the complainant. The first question Mr Harrison asked the young mother was if she had any ID. On producing her Irish passport she was asked by Mr Harrison “Do you not have a proper British one?”

Enough said.

The young mother, having now had any semblance of faith she had in the Housing Executive’s ability to deal with the situation shattered when faced with such obvious anti Catholicism decided that her best course of action would be to bring the matter to the attention of Angela Nelson of Sinn Fein.

Well, well, well. Sinn Fein’s advice – having spoken with Mr Harrison’s manager and agreeing to “give it a bye ball this time” – was that the young mother should be thankful for the ten housing points the intimidation had “earned” her and should actively seek to be moved to Housing Executive accomodation or a shelter.

Sorry, let me get this right. Sinn Fein have just been advised of a campaign of sectarian bigotry being carried out against a young woman and her disabled son and their answer is to gloss over / turn a blind eye to institutionalsed sectarian bigotry and for her to up sticks and move?!?

My, my we’ve come a long way haven’t we? A party built on the premise of anti-sectarianism, “An Ireland of equals”, turns a blind eye and runs away with its tail between its legs when presented with an alcoholic old woman and her dyed in the wool orange bigotry.

There is no place in modern society for sectarian bigotry from any quarter – nor is there any excuse for turning a blind eye to it!

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