The world owes you an incredible debt of gratitude.

Elizabeth Wilmshurst, deputy legal adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2001-2003.

This is the woman who had the balls not only to resign from her job but also the moral wherewithall to advise the Chilcot enquiry that Jack Sraw’s evidence in relation to the advice he allegedly received from Foreign Office counsel on the legality of the invasion of Iraq was, at best, flawed.

She, and her then boss Sir Michael Wood, are to be commended for their determination to tell the truth. It is a pity that Dr David Kelly is no longer with us to give his version of what actually went on that led to the needless, pointless and illegal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and many thousands of troops just to sate two God fearing fuckers’ idea of what God wanted (told) them to do.

I salute you Ms Wilmshurst, you, your ex boss and anyone else with the balls to tell the truth about this most shameful period of post colonial British history.

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