The toilets are not the only things that leak in Danesfort.

You simply could not make it up – honestly.

Arlene Foster today announced the establishment of a “face to face” debt counselling service part funded (to the tune of £300,000.00) by Ulster Bank, the NI regional branch of the RBS banking gestapo.

This is super fucking ironic given the fact that Ulster Bank are primary contractors of both Moorcroft and NCO/RMA debt collection agencies. These two companies are among the most aggressive users of legally dubious methods in the collections business. Here at the Angrytown News we have personal experience of assisting an individual who was being hounded (putting it mildly) by both companies at different times purportedly acting on behalf of and with the legal authority of Ulster Bank.

When we advised the individual to query their legal right to collect the debt (which was not disputed) both companies ran away and advised that they were returning the “papers” to Ulster Bank. We should add that subsequent Subject Access Requests to directors of Moorcroft and NCO/RMA forced them to admit that neither company had any “papers” at any time and therefore had no legal right to collect the debt in question.


If you are being tortured by one of these debt collection companies always ask them to prove that they have a legal right to collect. If they have they should be able to provide you with either a copy of the original contract which you signed or an appropriate Deed of Assignment from the original creditor. If they can provide neither then ask them to put in writing to you the basis of their assertion that they have a right to collect

As part of their commitment to their debtors will Mr Mike Bamber, Chief Executive of Ulster Bank’s Retail Markets Division, be taking measures to ensure that his colleagues in the collection agencies will be following not only their own guidelines as determined by the FSA and OFT but also meeting the legal requirements which might entitle them to collect a debt on the part of Ulster Bank / RBS and any of their subsidiaries?

Can Mr Bamber also assure us that none of the £300.000.00 which Ulster Bank has donated to this commendable service has been raised by means of Ulster Banks recently introduced “phone a friend” debt collection method whereby they phone students chasing a debt and in the event the student cannot pay (almost 100% hit rate there) they organize a conference call with the students parents / guardians to ask them to pay off the debt in part or whole?

I was under the impression that forcing someone into further debt to pay off an existing debt was illegal – perhaps Mr Bamber or someone from Ulster Bank can confirm?

The toilets are not the only things that leak in Danesfort.

Anyway, happy new year.

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