Well fuck me, if it isn’t water charges.

Anyone watching the UTV news last night could be forgiven for thinking that they’d slipped into some bizarre space time continuium where the past had never happened.

Perhaps it’s only me but I seem to recall the Northern Ireland electorate being promised by all and sundry that in they event that they were elected to the Assembly none of the regional parties would be advocating the introduction of water charges for domestic users.

Now we have UTV telling (selling) us the fact that hot on the heels of Consumer Council research the charges are not as bad as initially feared.

Here is the news. Anything above and beyond £0.00 by way of a water charge in addition to our current rates bills is unacceptable.

Given the fact that our elected (well and indeed multiple salaried) representatives lied to us on the matter I think they should be taken to task and held to account.

Say “No way. You’re a bunch of fucking liars” to water charges.


Mr Angry

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