Kicking the habit.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I am five days into an attempt at kicking a 30+ year habit of 40 a day.

Frightening statistics, and a frightening challenge.

Currently I haven’t been doing too bad – not a single puff since last Sunday and already my bank balance is some £62.00 better off. I’m using a combination of NiQuitin (see what they did there?) patches and (fucking disgusting tasting) lozenges which my GP prescribed to me some three years ago and which I, conveniently, “lost” in a cupboard immediately thereafter. I’m hoping to God that in the interim someone has invented suitably flavoured lozenges.

Not only am I pleased with the fiscal stimulus but I’m quite surprised that I haven’t yet stabbed, shot or accosted anyone. In fact I haven’t even lost my temper – but I do feel constantly tired.

I’m quite adamant that I’m going to give this my best shot and, given the huge savings I’m making, put the money to good use. Obviously I’m not stupid enough to think that the battle is over after just 5 days but if you’d like to contribute your thoughts / past experience of giving up (successful or otherwise) I’d be only too glad to receive them.

Tonight, if successful, will be another “milestone” in my effort to quit as Mrs Angry and I will be settling down for our regular Saturday night drink – my first without the dreaded weed.

Wish me luck, I’ll report back tomorrow.

Update: Sunday September 20th.

Well – that went ok.

I don’t recall having a single craving last night. What I am finding is that in circumstances where I’m not interacting directly with others I do have a tendancy to “think” cigarettes.

I’m going to make a conscious effort not to spend too much time on my own until my willpower and resolve are suitably equipped.

Update: Saturday September 26th.

Still going strong!!

My fiscal contribution to the war effort in Iraq & Afghanistan via taxation has decreased very considerably. Ergo the prospect of new helicopters for the troops must seem ever more distant.

God forgive me and God bless them.

Mr Angry

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