Kenny MacAskill responds to letter from FBI director Mueller

The knives, well for “knives” see “pens”, are out and international relations are becoming increasingly strained between Scotland and America.

The past few days have been particularly difficult from a diplomatic perspective since the decision of the UK based superpower to release some bloke after he blew up a plane or something.

Anyway, moving swiftly along….

The release has annoyed the normally amicable and placid native American indians to the point that one of their tribal elders has communicated his thoughts on the matter to one of the superpowers’ most influential MPs, Mr Kenny MacAskill, in writing – as opposed to their traditional method of smoke signals.

The highly critical letter to MacAskill has elicited an equally barbed reply from him which we have reproduced below.

When asked to comment on the reply Mueller mumbled incoherently something about “black flag ops”, “JF Kennedy”, “Oswald” and “malteasers”, sorry, Malta.

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