Tesco personal finance.

Strange moves are afoot in the world of personal finance!

The Angrytownnews™ has learned that consumers friend Tesco has moved the goalposts as far as their Personal Finance eligibility requirements are concerned.

News reached the editor that the Ulster Bank, the Northern Ireland subsidiary of RBS (which we all now own), have drastically reduced their staffing levels in their in house Tesco Personal Finance section.

The reason?

Quite simple really.

Someone at Tesco’s apparently decided, rather than risk the ire of Gordon & Co by blatantly refusing to lend, that they should simply change the criteria to the extent that it is practically impossible for anyone to qualify for a Tesco loan.

The result?

Staff redeployed / made redundant by Ulster Bank, no contribution made to the economic kickstart which Gordon and Co are so desperately trying to get us to buy into (pun intended, I assure you) and Tesco get to maintain their squeaky clean image as the “consumers friend”.

Every little helps….indeed.

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