Shannon Matthews – MI5 whilstleblower!

God bless Shannon Matthews, the undercover MI5 operative who risked her life to lift the lid on the horrific Government experiment that is “Dewsbury”. The nation owes her a considerable debt of gratitude.

Ms Matthews, a 28 year old Israeli counter terrorism expert who suffers from rare degenerative ageing and growth disorders which make her seem like a nine year old, risked her life to expose the cruelty and perverse Government sponsored experiment which went unreported in West Yorkshire for almost 30 years.

In the early 70’s the Tory Government hatched a plan now known to be called “Operation village idiots” to create an environment in which the educationally subnormal the great unwashed and people who have never heard of domestic cleanliness might co-exist.

Fearing the political backlash of such a controversial moniker the spooks at MI5 suggested that “Dewsbury” would be a more appropriate codename and, as such, a sociological nightmare was born.

To learn more about our exclusive findings simply watch Sky TV reports or pick up any one of the national tabloids and see how this crass experiment in social engineering has gone wrong.

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