Doing "the double" – for Ireland.

I’m old enough to remember the augmented strategy of the Provisionals in the mid / late 80’s whereby “doing the double” was considered to be participation in “the struggle™” in that those doing so were playing an active part in some sort of financial / economic war being waged against “The Brits™”.

Now we find ourselves in 2007 with the proponents and endorsees of this type of behaviour in power, the war over, support for the police endorsed and calls for further investment on the part of the Exchequer (see: “The Brits™”).

Have the numbers of those doing the double reduced?

Have Sinn Fein called on those doing the double to put their UB40’s beyond use?

Do Sinn Fein encourage the working members of their electorate to advise the police or the relevant authorities of the criminal activities of their double doing neighbours?

Have Sinn Fein joined in calls for additional government funding for the future of Northern Ireland whilst simultaneously ignoring their part in the complicity of encouraging benefit fraud as part of the struggle™ ?

What we have is a society of “takers”. A society where DHSS staff and ordinary hard working decent people have to sit slackjawed and powerless and watch their “friends” and neighbours claim and collect benefits to which they are not entitled because they are doing the double.

All the while government employees, working neighbours and law abiding members of society struggle to get by on their earnings / pensions as their slightly more “imaginative” neighbours swan around in 4×4’s, holiday twice a year, get their mortgage(s) and God knows what else paid for and live an equal, if not better, lifestyle than those who have the moral fibre to work legally.

Those now in power should be called to account and charged with acting like the responsible members of parliament (custodians of our wellbeing if you like) that they purport to be. Power should be afforded to the appropriate bodies to weed out and prosecute these leeches, without fear of retribution or threat, and each and every one of them should be named and shamed.

Will Sinn Fein have the moral conviction to set this in motion? Who knows, but it’s doubtful.

Until they do will they garner votes from working, tax paying individuals? Not from this one they won’t.

Working class (ie. those who work legitimately) Sinn Fein voters would do well to ask / watch what, if any, steps Sinn Fein will take to curb the activities of the monster they have created.

In the meantime you can be happy in the knowledge that there are those in society who will continue to rape and plunder, with the apparent blessing of Sinn Fein, a benefit system that was established to help those in genuine need – not those who seek to commit fraud and rub working peoples noses in it.

An “Ireland of equals”? I don’t think so.

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