Dunmurry. Just how many disabled people are there?

It never ceases to amaze me but it would seem that the various Health Board cuts across Northern Ireland have resulted in a higher than average concentration of physically disabled people being rehoused in the Dunmurry area (this is in addition to the high percentage of blind PSNI officers currently stationed in Dunmurry police station) – either that or people just don’t give a fuck about parking in the disabled parking spaces in the Tesco car park.

No matter what time of the day there are perfectly healthy individuals occupying the disabled spaces at the front of the store and sprinting – Olympian style no less – to the Bank of Ireland, Winemark or cigarette counter in Tescos and back with no discernable disability whilst the elderly and infirm population have to shuffle all the way from the car park at the rear and back again with their shopping. All because some selfish, ignorant, illbred, inconsiderate scumbag hasn’t the decency to abide by even the most basic of parking protocols.

Come on Tescos – no more Mr Nice guy – clamp the fuckers and be done with it!!

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