Help!! Our moral compass is fucked….

Interesting story tonight (second lead headline in fact) in The Belfast Telegraph about a sixteen year old girl being “shot”, in all probability by some unruly – good for nothing – job dodging – benefit sponge weilding a BB Airsoft imitation pistol. “Nothing unusual there” I hear you say “This is belfast, scene of the troubles™”. “Nothing unusual”? I’ll fucking “Nothing unusual” you.

Here we have the biggest circulation paper in Northern Ireland running a story about the dangers of Airsoft BB guns and not a mention of the dangers of having your brains fucked out and ending up pregnant at sixteen.

One of her worldy wise friends is quoted as saying “I think it’s about time shops stopped selling these guns to young people. They’re far too dangerous in the wrong hands”.

Get with the fucking (not literally I stress) programme!!

Personally I think an unsheathed penis can be far too dangerous in the wrong vagina.

It’s high time we addressed the issue of it being acceptable to turn a blind eye to the sexual antics (educated or otherwise) of the mid teens otherwise we’ll be inundated with good for nothing – job dodging – benefit sponging – attention seeking – headline grabbing – teenage single parents. But then again, that wouldn’t make the front page, would it?

Perhaps I should have written this blog entry 20 years ago.

Come on “The Tele” you really are slipping up.

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