Lidl – Consumer savings….at what price?

What is it with these international companies that they think they can breeze into town and just take the piss? I was talking with a guy the other night who works for this shower.

Managers regularly work 70+ hours a week…with NO overtime, NO bonus & NO time off in lieu.

Now, pardon me all over the place but is there not an EU directive somewhere out there that prohibits working over 48 hours a week without specific breaks and allowances? Get this…Lidl do not have a clocking on / off system! Hours worked are recorded by management and are regularly “lost” or “misplaced”.

OK, so there’s an opt out clause in place in the UK for UK firms, but hold on a minute ….Lidl is a German firm.

At no point during his interview or even at the signing of his contract of enslavement was this guy told he was waiving his protective rights!!

Will someone at the DTI, DETI or wherever not look into this? It’s a disgrace that folk are made to work these shifts just so some MP can claim he brought employment to a needy area.

How much funding & backhand incentives did they get to build that monstrosity of a warehouse at Nutts Corner? Jesus!!

One other thing….in an age where there are people starving in the world what are Lidl doing destroying tonnes of tinned goods every day with six weeks of “best before” time left on them rather than arranging their collection and appropriate distribution to the more needy in society / the world?

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