Vodafone….what’s all that about?

Has anyone else encountered the distinct “Rip off” imbalance which Vodafone (UK) employ when their NI customers are holidaying in the Republic? I came to my attention that Vodafone (Ireland), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone (UK), are offering an “All Ireland” tariff to their pay monthly customers who travel to the North.

Essentially the deal is this….Pay 5 euros more on top of your monthly line rental and Bingo!! NO international incoming call charges when you’re romaing. Check this out from the http://www.vodafone.ie site….

Pay Monthly Price Plans/Ireland-Wide Tariff (Option)

Now for a monthly fee of just €5 per month (incl VAT), roaming charges in Northern Ireland will become a thing of the past. When you’re in Northern Ireland, simply make sure to choose the Vodafone UK network and you will have the freedom to make calls to 00 353 numbers at the same rates as when you are in the Republic of Ireland.
No more roaming charges when travelling in Northern Ireland.

All calls made from Northern Ireland to any 00 353 number are charged at your domestic Vodafone rates. These include:
All Vodafone Ireland mobile numbers
All non-Vodafone Irish mobile numbers
All Irish land line numbers

All calls received when travelling in Northern Ireland are FREE.

All calls to Voicemail, when you dial 171, are FREE.

All calls to Customer Care, when you dial 1907, are FREE.

I’ve written to Vodafone UK on this matter but they simply refuse to reply or even address the issue. The fact of the matter is that Vodafone UK customers based in Northern Ireland are being ripped off having to pay for so called incoming international calls received while holidaying in the Republic whilst our cousins from the Republic are avoiding any such costs by subscribing to an Ireland – Wide Tariff.

Thoughts, opinions?

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2 Responses to Vodafone….what’s all that about?

  1. Mr Angry says:

    It appears that this is all down to a rather convenient technological “hitch”. According to Vodafone their network locks the IEMI of your phone to their network permanently. So, even if you do as I did and get a Vodafone “Pay as you go” SIM registered in the South, all the time you’re browsing WAP and picking up your emails whilst on holiday in the South watching your credit deplete and topping up regularly, your contract SIM (even though it’s not even in your phone) is quietly racking up enormous international web costs simply because Vodafone don’t think their customers would have the wit to buy and use a localized “Pay as you go” SIM to use for the duration of their holiday to avoid these very same extortionate call charges. Go figure.

  2. Mr Angry says:

    Update….Vodafone have admitted overcharging and have refunded me £130.00 and guess what……they’ve had to admit to the Irish regulator that they’ve overcharged 2.74 million Euros for “International calls” over the last three months (not all mine…..obviously). See: http://u.tv/newsroom/indepth.asp?id=52550&pt=n

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